Tyler Yu

Tyler has lived in the Abracadabra Hotel for his whole life. Though he’s known around Blackstone Middle School as a creepy bully, Charlie thinks he might actually be a pretty smart guy. Ty loves video games, true-life ghost hunting TV shows, and his dad’s famous spaghetti and meatballs.

Charlie Hitchcock

Small for his age and super smart, Charlie has always been considered the class brain at Blackstone Middle School. So when Tyler Wu seeks him out, Charlie assumes it’s to get beat up. Turns out Ty knows about Charlie’s photographic memory, and needs help solving some mysteries at the Abracadabra Hotel. Charlie loves video games, math, and pizza.

Mr. Brack

No one knows exactly how old Mr. Brack is, but it’s said that he’s even older than the Abracadabra Hotel itself. He has been an elevator operator at the hotel for many years, since before the Wus took over management of the hotel. He is a kind man who knows a lot about magic.

The Abracadabra Hotel

Built in 1941 by the mysterious magician Abracadabra, the Abracadabra Hotel was intended to be a safe place for magicians to live after retirement, and for those traveling. Only magicians and their assistants were allowed to live or stay there, but townspeople were welcome to enjoy the other offerings at the Abracadabra. With seventeen floors, 480 rooms, a ballroom, a theater, a bowling alley, and a five-star restaurant, the Abracadabra quickly became well-known as an entertainment complex among locals. But during the 1980s, after Abracadabra himself disappeared, the hotel fell into disrepair. Rumors circulated of the hotel being haunted, and of disturbing magic tricks gone wrong. The restaurant closed, as did the theater and the bowling alley. Townspeople called it the Hocus Pocus Hotel, and no one but magicians ever went in. When Mayumi and Albert Wu took over management in 1995, they reopened the restaurant and refurbished most of the hotel’s suites; the revamped Abracadabra Hotel was open for vacationers and traveling businesspeople. Still, the only long-term residents of the hotel are retired magicians or magicians’ assistants, and while the restaurant stays busy thanks to Albert Wu’s culinary training, there are those in town who say the whole building is haunted. . . .

Joey Bingham

Joey Bingham is a reporter for Channel Fifty. By always carrying his video camera, he is prepared for the next breaking news story at any moment. Joey loves solving mysteries, collecting old cameras, and watching TV (especially the news).


The Great and Powerful Theopolis is a magician whose specialty is illusions learned from the demons of Giljarri (or so he says). Some people call him a demon master, but Charlie is suspicious of Theopolis’s talents. While not practicing magic, Theopolis loves watching TV and eating potato chips. Like Joey, he likes watching the news, but only when a story about him is featured.

Cozette Baily

Cozette is Annie’s age and works with her at the front desk. She is very serious and studious, and is quite skeptical of magic.

David Dragonstone

A young magician in his late 20s, David is tall, slender and a bit conceited—but highly accomplished with elegant manners.