The Magic Castle — (Hollywood, California)

A 100-year-old building, which had once been used as a home for the elderly, was bought in the 1960s by Milt Larsen, a TV writer whose father was a famous magician. Larsen renovated the site and turned it into a headquarters for the Academy of Magical Arts, a private club that currently has more than 5000 members. The hotel is world famous as a haven for magicians looking to relax, meet up with friends, practice old tricks, and try out new ones. But don't bother knocking, unless you are a magician yourself or are invited to the Castle by one.

The Stanley Hotel — (Estes Park, Colorado)

Horror writer Stephen King once stayed in this sprawling hotel with his wife, and was inspired by the spooky surroundings to write The Shining, which takes places in a giant, haunted hotel called the Overlook. Staff members and guests of the Stanley have reported hearing unseen children run up and down the hallways, seeing shadowy visitors who promptly disappear, and getting an earful of a phantom piano player and his audience. The Stanley has been investigated by the TV shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, and by the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society. Something must be going on in that mountain resort to attract so much attention.

The Farnsworth House Inn — (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

The American Civil War was the bloodiest conflict ever fought on U.S. soil, and the town of Gettysburg saw its deadliest battle, which lasted three full days. So it's not surprising that the modern-day town has phantoms from that era haunting the streets and buildings. In fact, many ghost-hunting experts consider The Farnsworth House Inn the most haunted hotel in Gettysburg. A Union soldier is seen carrying his wounded companion down the basement steps. Visitors sometimes hear him singing to his friend down there. Moans of Confederate soldiers who hid in the attic can also still be heard. The south wall of the hotel is riddled with hundreds of bullet holes from the fierce fighting. History never dies in this hotel.

The Old Bell Hotel — (Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England)

Even if the Old Bell isn't the oldest hotel in England, as it claims, it's been around a long time — 800 years! Guests have seen a phantom known only as the Grey Lady gliding soundlessly through the halls. One guest saw a wine glass floating through the air. The current owner of the Old Bell was told that eight stone coffins are buried beneath the hotel. Seems that some of the guests have never checked out of the building.

The Royal Hotel — (Nakagusuku, Okinawa, Japan)

According to the people of Nakagusuku village on Okinawa Island in Japan, angry spirits are to blame for the Royal Hotel not being finished. The hotel was built on sacred ground, and several workers lost their lives during the construction. The wealthy builder of the hotel lost all his money and eventually went insane. Visitors to the spooky ruins will find hallways that lead nowhere and stairs that end in blank walls. Some villagers have seen ghosts wandering through the site. It's truly a hotel only a ghost could love.